My Issues with One Piece

One Piece is the highest selling manga in Japan weekly and has been for a number of years now. Started during the late 90s, this show is still ongoing with no signs of stopping anytime soon. The manga is estimated to be at around 65% of the way through, after nearly 20 years. Many people rave on about One Piece as being the best or one of the best anime that have seen or manga that they have read, and that the storytelling and world building are out of this world.

My issue with One Piece is that it has more than 800 episodes currently, that is more than both Naruto and it’s sequel combined. I have no problems with watching long-running shōnen as that genre is one of my favourites, but +800 is a bit of a stretch even for me. To have to give up so much of my time to watch 800 episodes which is only half the story seems ridiculous to me. In my opinion One Piece should have ended by now, the author has to have written a conclusion to the story by now, but instead continues the story for the sake of popularity.
Another problem with One Piece that I find is that whenever someone recommends One Piece to me, they always say “Well just skip the first 50 episodes” sometimes it’s more than 50 episodes. If I have to skip 50 episodes before the story even begins to take shape, then I don’t believe the show is really worth my time. Most shows are about a quarter of that time, and still manage to succeed whilst One Piece only starts to be entertaining after 50 episodes. To put it into perspective, when people say that, it’s like saying just skip the entirety of Code Geass, that is roughly about 16 hours straight of content that obviously doesn’t impact the plot at all and has no relevance to future events.
I really want to watch One Piece and see what all the fuss is about and why people think it’s the GOAT, but I can’t honestly believe it’s so great if it needs over 1000 episodes  and 2 decades to tell a story. Maybe one day when it’s finally finish (I’ll probably be around 30 yrs old then) I’ll marathon the entirety of One Piece from start to finish, or maybe sometime soon I’ll cave under the pressure and decide to watch it. But as for right now, I don’t see any reason to spend an estimated 13 days straight staring at my screen hoping that I didn’t just waste so much of my time watching a show that doesn’t live up to expectations.

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