My Favourite Anime Fights

Anime is a master in producing great fights, more so than any other medium anime fully explores its unrealistic medium to the fullest by pushing the limits of reality. From simply hand-to-hand combat fight sequences up to giant robots throwing galaxies around, anime does not fail to cover all the bases that can occur in battles. This list is my ranking of my favourite fights in anime, they are based on a number of different contributing factors such as, but not limited to: the relationship of the two or more combatants, choreography of the fight, animation and fluidity, and just the general enjoyment of it all. I feel like these are some of the most important aspects in a great fight if not the most important, I haven’t watched every anime, so some amazing fights might be missing because I haven’t seen the series yet.

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How Neon Genesis Evangelion Excels in Characters Development | The Messiah Complex

[full spoilers for NGE and the End of Evangelion movie]
I’ve talked a lot about this series already, I’ve written a review of it to express why I really like this series, and I’ve mentioned it in other posts such as my recommendations list, my psychological anime list and in my article about character archetypes. But this show needs more of a spotlight on why it is so great and revolutionary; and that is with its characters. I never give out 10/10 for anime as I feel no work is perfect, but I do give out 10/10 in individual categorise that make up an anime such as animation, story, sound or characters. It is very hard to even earn those, as I feel for a series to earn a 10/10 it means that I can’t find any possible way to improve on what it has done already. And one of the shows that earned this distinction was NGE for it’s characters, Fate/Zero was another show that was really close to reaching that level but ultimately fell short in some areas with it’s large cast.

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Why HunterxHunter Should Be Finished by Togashi Only

HunterxHunter is very controversial at the moment. It came out during the early to mid 90s and shortly after had an anime adaptation in 1999. The adaptation stopped prematurely due to the manga still being incomplete and them waiting for more chapters, little did they know their wait for those chapters was pointless. The manga took frequent hiatus’ during the 2000s as the managaka Yoshihiro Togoshi had severe back problems and was unable to produce a steady stream of content for it. The anime was re-adapted by studio Madhouse during 2011 and ran until late 2014 adding 2 more arcs than its 1999 counterpart, this adaptation by Madhouse gained a lot of popularity amongst anime fans and critics alike. The anime soon climbed the ranks of most anime lists, and currently sits within the top 5 on websites such as MyAnimeList and HummingBird.

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