Trigger Words Used in the Anime Community | The Messiah Complex

I’ve already talked in length about what I find to be some of the worst aspects about the anime community as a whole(here). One topic that I decided not to talk about then, and to rather dedicate an entire post would be the words/terms used in the community. I’m specifically talking about either words used by people attempting to sound more educated or superior when describing an anime, or words used to push an individual’s narrative. 
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The Toxic Anime Community | The Messiah Complex

[This is done with huge amounts of generalization, when I say “anime community” I do not mean everyone in the community, but the select few that spoil the whole]

The anime community might just be the worst community I’ve seen to date; worse than the C.O.D and Nintendo communities combines. The anime community is so toxic that I really believe that it is beyond saving at this point. Many people are introduced to anime everyday by their peers or other forms of social media, and one of the things holding most people back from fulling entering the anime community is how bad it is. A lot of people only watch select anime shows such as Naruto or any other long-running shōnen anime; or they just watch the Miyazaki/Ghibli movies and call it a day; and that is largely on how toxic the community is as a whole not just to newcomers, but regulars alike and this acts as a deterrent to many looking to join. Continue reading “The Toxic Anime Community | The Messiah Complex”

Orange Review

Orange, the 2016 summer anime that I had predicted to not only be anime of the season, but anime of the year as well. It is a slice-of-life anime set in high school with some sci-fi elements imbedded into it for a little twist. Orange was made by Telecom Animated Film whom to my knowledge haven’t made anything significant before. This anime started off so well, it had everything going for it at the time and although Telecom being a newbie studio, I had faith that their project could be something really special and blow everyone away. Continue reading “Orange Review”

Mob Psycho100 Review

Mob Psycho100 is a summer 2016 twelve episode series, from the same creator as one of the most popular anime this decade: One Punch Man. The two series have a ton of similarities from the over powered main characters that feel near invincible, to the funny banter between the main character and their partners. But the series does enough different for them to be considered two separate entries, most fans upon watching Mob Psycho might not even know that it and OPM share the same mangaka. Continue reading “Mob Psycho100 Review”

Fooly Cooly (FLCL) Review

In the world of anime; new concepts and ideas being tested and as a result of this interesting and experimental anime tend to be produced, fooly cooly or FLCL is one of those experimental anime. Created by studio Gainax the studio behind Neon Genesis Evangelion. FLCL is a series of 6 OVA’s that aired during 2000 to 2001, these were definitely different for there time and now stands up as a benchmark for how experimental and weird anime could potential get. Continue reading “Fooly Cooly (FLCL) Review”

Top 10 Favourite Naruto: Shippūden Fights

Naruto has always been close to my heart. Being that it was the anime that re-introduced me into the anime medium, I still look back at it with good memories despite all of its flaws. In my shōnen rant about everything I hate about the shōnen anime, I expressed my issues with Naruto not only with its villains but with its combat system as well. That being said I still adore the chakra system in Naruto and it has led to a lot of interesting battles that are both strategic as well as entertaining. I have decided to rank my Top 10 favourite Naruto: Shippūden fights; I only focused on the sequel series as it offered more fights overall. I might do a Top 10 favourite Naruto fights but that is still undecided as of right now. Now with that done, let’s get underway. Continue reading “Top 10 Favourite Naruto: Shippūden Fights”