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In all seriousness I’m just some guy that likes talking about anime, on the wired (cool anime reference hey) I’m the self-proclaimed Messiah of Humanity here to save you all from your horrible mediocre anime tastes, and hopefully enlighten you on some excellent shows.

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Kitsu (former hummingbird): This is my primary account, and is updated often.
Anilist: Has every single anime I’ve watched ranked from best to worst using decimals
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My Rating System

10: Pure Perfection, there is literally nothing wrong with this show in my opinion.

9.5-9.9: One of the best series ever created, a must watch for everyone. Failed slightly in some categorizes which limited it from reaching perfection. It is a once in a lifetime show.

9-9.4: Amazing series that shines in almost everything. It also left me with something to think about afterwards, or I feel that it is the best in its genre.

8.5-8.9: Really great show, it checked all the boxes it needed to. It just never left me with something to contemplate after viewing it, and it probably isn’t as good as others in its genre.

8-8.4: Great show, I would recommend it to most people. It did what it needed to, but would probably never be mentioned as GOAT status, I do have fond memories of it though.

7: Good show could have been better done, they had some amazing scenes and moments, but those were brief and the show never added onto them. Overall solid series, but nothing too spectacular.

6: Above average show, they had some good ideas but never acted on them enough. This is also where almost all harems go into, since they excel in enjoyment but fail in almost everything else.

5: Average show, didn’t really do that much for me. It had equal good and bad parts, I wouldn’t watch it again, but I don’t regret watching it.

4: This was painful to watch, I can’t understand why anyone decided to make this. It had a couple of scenes that I liked which saved it from a lower score.

3: This is the purest form of garbage, I wouldn’t even recommend it to someone as a joke.

2: STAY AWAY at all costs, this is unbearable to watch. It should burn in hell forever.

1: My intelligence felt offended watching this. A really disgusting anime.

0: No redeeming qualities, everything about it was just awful.

My Current 3X3

(Not my top 9, but some really great ones that deserve mentioning and left an impact)new-3x3