Trigger Words Used in the Anime Community | The Messiah Complex

I’ve already talked in length about what I find to be some of the worst aspects about the anime community as a whole(here). One topic that I decided not to talk about then, and to rather dedicate an entire post would be the words/terms used in the community. I’m specifically talking about either words used by people attempting to sound more educated or superior when describing an anime, or words used to push an individual’s narrative. 
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The Toxic Anime Community | The Messiah Complex

[This is done with huge amounts of generalization, when I say “anime community” I do not mean everyone in the community, but the select few that spoil the whole]

The anime community might just be the worst community I’ve seen to date; worse than the C.O.D and Nintendo communities combines. The anime community is so toxic that I really believe that it is beyond saving at this point. Many people are introduced to anime everyday by their peers or other forms of social media, and one of the things holding most people back from fulling entering the anime community is how bad it is. A lot of people only watch select anime shows such as Naruto or any other long-running shōnen anime; or they just watch the Miyazaki/Ghibli movies and call it a day; and that is largely on how toxic the community is as a whole not just to newcomers, but regulars alike and this acts as a deterrent to many looking to join. Continue reading “The Toxic Anime Community | The Messiah Complex”

How Neon Genesis Evangelion Excels in Characters Development | The Messiah Complex

[full spoilers for NGE and the End of Evangelion movie]
I’ve talked a lot about this series already, I’ve written a review of it to express why I really like this series, and I’ve mentioned it in other posts such as my recommendations list, my psychological anime list and in my article about character archetypes. But this show needs more of a spotlight on why it is so great and revolutionary; and that is with its characters. I never give out 10/10 for anime as I feel no work is perfect, but I do give out 10/10 in individual categorise that make up an anime such as animation, story, sound or characters. It is very hard to even earn those, as I feel for a series to earn a 10/10 it means that I can’t find any possible way to improve on what it has done already. And one of the shows that earned this distinction was NGE for it’s characters, Fate/Zero was another show that was really close to reaching that level but ultimately fell short in some areas with it’s large cast.

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Character Archetypes in Anime | The Messiah Complex

Character Archetypes are very prevalent in anime, especially in this day and age where almost every anime series released contains at least 2 archetypes. Archetypes are set roles or positions assigned to characters that details their reactions to certain situations and their personality overall. In anime these can be broken down into various different archetypes each acting independently such as but not limited to: the Tsundere, the Yandere and the Dandere. Tsundere’s are often cold on the outside but have a more gentle unseen side, yandere’s are psychopaths and obsessively crazy over the ones they love and dandere’s are more subdued and detached from everyone else and seemingly emotionless.

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Why the Rating System is Not Important | The Messiah Complex

I use a rating system when reviewing anime, I put it at the end of my reviews after explaining in words why I like or dislike a particular show and certain aspects of it that appeal to me. Rating systems have been used in all of media to determine an objects value, usually rating it out of 10. The object whether music, film or anime is rated to determine how good the show is in comparison to others of its kind.

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Why I Don’t Believe in First Reactions | The Messiah Complex

First Reactions are a big thing in the anime community, as soon as the first 3 or so episodes of a show are out, people are quick to share their thoughts on the show or predict the shows tone and future. It is very common for a show that is currently airing to shoot straight up the top 50 or even top 20 position on most anime list such as MAL or HummingBird before it slowly starts to fall back down after it is done airing. This is because of 2 things: 1. Most people reserve rating a show until it’s done, and the only people who are rating it whilst it is airing are mostly fan of the source material, and 2. More people like to binge watch a show after it is done airing to avoid cliffhanger.

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The Problem with Most Shōnen | The Messiah Complex

[Major spoilers for HunterxHunter (2011), Naruto and Dragon Ball Z]
I really enjoy watching shōnen anime, like many it was my first introduction to anime with Dragon Ball and DBZ, and for me later on became my reintroduction into the medium through Naruto and Naruto:Shippudean. Shōnen is exciting and action packed and does everything you want from a show at that point. It has a wish fulfilment main character that you can see yourself as, great fight choreography and a great well-rounded out cast that everyone can find their favourite out of. Shonen has produced some of my most enjoyable moments watching anime: from watching Gohan turn Super Sayian 2 against Cell, to watching Naruto go 7 tails against Pain.

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